Monday, 15 May 2017

Cross country

Well done Room 7 for all trying your best in the school cross country! There were lots of positive attitudes, encouragement and great sportsmanship. Our school leaders did a super job after the race guiding and entertaining the juniors. 


Malia, Aisling, Amelia, Maddie, Jan G, Lebron and John who all received places. 

Warming up before the race 

Take your marks, get set, GO! 

1st Jan Genesis
2nd Lebron
3rd John 

1st Malia (Year 7)
1st Aisling (Year 8)
2nd Amelia (Year 8)
3rd Maddie (Year 8) 


  1. Good job guys you all did great xx

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  3. Great job everyone! You all did awesome and you tried your hardest!