Monday, 29 May 2017

Life Education

"I’ve learnt that everyone has there own style and by that everyone is unique. It doesn’t matter what others thinks of you as long as you are true to yourself and if you believe in yourself you can achieve more and more things in life. Everyone has the freedom to do incredible things and by believing in God who created all of us Because god calls all of us his masterpiece, we were chosen to live and we are all loved by God"

By Phoebe

"There are many ways to avoid peer pressure but these top 5 on my opinion are the best ways to avoid it"

  1. Always stay confident and surround yourself with trusty role models with positive attitudes.
  2. Make friends who accept you for who you are!
  3. Don't get carried away by the doings of the other people. If you know what they’re doing is wrong, report them to an adult and don't follow their actions.
  4. If you're feeling upset by family issues or bullying maybe even guilty of something, don't let it feed off you, stay strong and be positive!
  5. Talk to a friend, family member, caregiver or teacher that your being influenced by negative role models.
By Giliet

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