Friday, 8 July 2016

Happy Holidays

We have had a very enjoyable and rewarding first half of the year. Room 7 use this time to relax as you deserve it after working so hard, especially on your amazing Science Fairs.
Remember to be helpful :) 

Thank you parents for your support! 
It was great to catch up with you at interviews and share your child's progress. 

Keep warm and I look forward to seeing you soon for an exciting 

Term 3! 


The students had a job to design and create a moveable item for the teachers to use when they are carrying their equipment around the school. Room 7 and Room 6 worked together in collaborative groups with different roles. Most of the groups did a fantastic job.
I look forward to using their creations ! 

1ST PLACE = Bridget, Eugene, Amelia and Rudie. 

2ND  PLACE = Athashia, JP, Leoj, Sophie and Gillian.

3RD PLACE = Sarah, Benjamin, Malia and Gilliet. 

Dog Safety

On Thursday we had a Animal Officer from the Christchurch City Council come and teach us about being safe around dogs. The students learnt the important message "If the dogs on its own..."Then leave it alone!" Some students had the opportunity to pat a real dog Baxter and practised asking the owner, making a fist and rubbing the dog's chest. If we have any dogs visit the school premise we all know what to do!