Thursday, 30 April 2015

Social Studies 

We were learning to understand the effect of WW1 on young men and women. The students made journal entries and letters written from the perspective of those serving in the war. 

Raziel's Letter 

Dear Mother

Days passed by with terror building up in my heart. Just letting you know I strongly regret volunterring. Lice, rats, blood everwhere. My mind is recording a mixed tape of several lives that passed before my eyes. Gunshots. They rang in my ear, but my heart beats unsteadily, agitated. I could feel the menacing animal like glares from the Germans. This is a disaster. The smell of rotting flesh worsened under the sun as some of the bodies were infested with hundreds of pests. I have a mix of emotions right now. My gut squirms and I've lost another friend in my arms. Don't think I'm innocent anymore mum. My hands are bloodstained. The trenches had a musty smell and I've had to sleep and camouflage within the lifeless bodies. I've killed ruthlessly. I've given no thought about it. I've killed. I've shot. I've bombed and I apologise.

Your Son


All the students are working hard in technology. Some of them are creating pencil holders or money boxes in metal work. Others are creating cushions in sewing. It is great to see the class giving everything a go, thinking hard and using practical skills. 

"What would you attempt to do if you knew you would not fail?" Robert. H. Schuller 

Wednesday, 29 April 2015


The Arts Leadership Community made 150 poppies for our ANZAC Day Memorial. Thank you Room 6 for preparing such a lovely service. 


After lots of hard training Room 7 did a brilliant job at the cross-country. All of Room 7 participated and ran most of the way. The Arts Leadership Community made beautiful banners for the houses and painted everyones face. The Sports Leaders also did a fantastic job by running games for the junior students after their race. A big congratulations to Finn, Byron and Samuel who were our first three boys over the finish line. Also a huge well done to Raziel, Jessa Del and Nicole who were our first three girls. You are all super runners !!!