Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Basketball Season has begun.....

The year 7/8 girls and boys basketball teams competed at Pioneer Stadium for the Primary Schools Basketball Tournament. Both teams did really well and perservered despite their tiredness. The teams are learning to work together and I can't wait to see them progress throughout the season.
Go Sacred Heart !!! 

This week the year 7/8  boy’s team and girl’s team competed with 20 different schools at Pioneer Stadium for the Primary Schools Basketball Tournament. Both of the teams strived to come in the top 3 teams. Unfortunately they didn’t but both teams had a positive attitude on each game and that made Sacred Heart school in the top 1 team. The girl’s team competed with 6 other teams and won one game and one tie which was very good.

On the other hand the boys’ team won one game out of six but they did really well. Sacred Heart might of not won all their games or half of their games, but each student learnt a new thing. Because losing is another word for learning. Winning brings out the victorious you but losing brings out the best in you. At the end of the day the Sacred heart competitors knew they were winners for having great sportsmanship.

Blogger - Phoebe Premacio

Netball Girls

Super proud of the year 7/8A netball team who won their game against Redcliffs 23-0. 

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Siddartha: The Musical

The year 7 and 8 students were blessed with tickets to the amazing Siddhartha musical at the Isaac Theatre Royal. The show was performed by a talented Filipino cast based in Cebu. The singing was incredible, the dancing was beautiful, the costumes were exquisite and the show was inspiring!! A huge thank you for the generosity towards Sacred Heart!