Thursday, 14 April 2016

Welcome Miss Bisgrove

A huge welcome to Miss Bisgrove who has travelled all the way from England to be with us. Miss Bisgrove is doing an amazing job learning to be a teacher!

In room 7, we have a new teacher with us. Her name is Ms Bisgrove. She is from England. She actually flew on a plane all the way from England to New Zealand. She did stop in Singapore to change planes but other than that the whole way from England to New Zealand was between 24 hours! That must’ve taken ages! After all there are 24 hours in a day. On Thursday she told us about England and she gave us notebooks that looked like passports and inside there were questions that we had to answer and throughout the lesson we had to answer them. She has recently been taking groups for topic, writing and other subjects. If I talked to my classmates, they would agree that she is quite good at teaching. If you haven’t met her, you should meet her.
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Miss Bisgrove is so pretty and lovely, she’s the one who teaches us maths which is fun and awesome. Miss Bisgrove is so nice as she spends her time to teach us about where she came from which is England. It’s great because I’ve learnt many things about the castles and how London’s the capital city. Also Miss Bisgrove is caring and wonderful because she helps others with their writing. She is very supportive when the volleyteam are practicing.  
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We currently have another teacher in the classroom, she is from England just like Mrs Stamper and she taught us a variety of things about England such as the castles, types of houses, the flag and the birds. She is very pretty and tall but she is also very kind and always willing to help students.
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I think that Miss Bisgrove will be an excellent teacher because she is smart, amazing, and intelligent. Miss Bisgrove should stay in New Zealand and teach at Sacred Heart because if she leaves everyone will miss her. When Miss Bisgrove helped me when I was stuck, she explained what it meant and I got what she said.
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Book Week

The students have had a fantastic last week of term doing a range of different reading activities with all of the teachers in the school. On Friday we dressed up as a book character and had a parade. #welovereading

So many spidermen.....