Monday, 29 May 2017

Class Trip - Botanical Gardens

Today the students learnt about biodiversity. We have gained knowledge about the plants and animals in NZ that are extinct, threatened and thriving as well as what was introduced and what is native to our country.

I am excited to see what our DLT groups come up with to regenerate, sustain and help our community.

Thank you ....

Mrs Yu and Miss Mason for helping us on the trip. We couldn't have done it without you! 


  1. On the seventh photo if you start from the top then count down I look smaller than Phoebe but I'am taller than her!!

  2. The fantail game was fun but hard! Aisling's face in the cactus tho lol.

  3. Mrs Stamper, do you know my read theory account username and password? If so, could you tell me. I want to see my year of work to my 2 days of grinding hard on read theory. Thank you

  4. Hi Zaint :)
    Email me and I'll send you through your password.

  5. haha hope you enjoyed it...i was walking through there at some point on that day...miss youuuu