Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Nutrition - Food for thought programme

Last week Room 7 learnt about the different food group and how to read food labels. We went on a trip to the supermarket to use our new skills and identify everyday and occasional foods.

When reading labels we learnt a good guide for everyday foods is...
- Less than 10g sugar (per100g)
- Less than 10g fat (per100g)
- Less than 400g sodium (per100g)
- More than 5g fibre (per100g)

As a class we are going to drink more water and limit juice, fizzy and flavoured milk. We are also  trying to increase the amount of fruits, vegetables and brown breads we eat.

Thank you Mikaela and New World for everything you have taught us and for our $60 voucher. We look forward to planning a healthy shared lunch.


  1. This was fun! I partly expected it to be boring, but it wasn't and I learnt a lot!

  2. i learnt so much and had a great time thank you to all the helpers that made it happen!