Sunday, 29 January 2017

First Day of School 2017

A warm welcome to the new year 8 and 7 students to ROOM 7 :D

Today was a fun day getting to know everyone, bonding as class and working together. We played a fun team building activity where the students where in teams and had to build the tallest tower out of plastic cups. Each team had 10 cups, 4 bits of string and a rubber band. You could not touch the cups and had to communicate and work with your team. The tallest tower was 86cm!!!

I'm looking forward to developing strong leaders for our school and having a FANTASTIC year.

Parents feel free to contact me at anytime -


  1. In this one my face looks so weird cause I was laughing!!

  2. I liked the marshmallow sapghetti Challenge Yesterday

  3. This was hard!

  4. have fun without us mrs stamper hehehehe

  5. that was so fun