Monday, 12 December 2016

Year 8 Leavers Blessing - Father Tom O'Connor

I pray for all of you who are leaving Sacred Heart School. 
May each of you recognise that you have great potential to grow and be a wonderful success in life. 

May you be people of faith, knowing that God has chosen you to know and love him. 

Through this, may you live out your days with Christian Hope in your hearts and constantly be a witness of the love and goodness of God in the world. 

Through Christ our Lord. 

  • May the touch of God strengthen you. 
  • May the truth of God enfold you. 
  • May the wisdom of God up hold you. 
  • May the fragrance of God be around you. 
  • May the brightness of God surround you. 
  • May the wonder of God renew you.
  • May the love of God fill you.
  • May the peace of God calm you.
  • May Mary the Mother of God walk beside you. 
Father Tom O'Connor (10/12/16)

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